Wyclef Signs Battle Rapper Arsonal da Rebel To Management Deal

World-renowned battle rapper Arsonal da Rebel has a new deal with Wyclef!

(AllHipHop News) After selling close to 10 million albums in America alone, it is safe to say that Wyclef Jean has the Midas touch.

He knows a hit. He knows a winner.

He knows how to add just a little bit of sauce and make a song like “No, No, No” which was struggling to chart by a new group named Destiny’s Child, and turn it into a platinum hit within a few months thanks to a Jerry Wonda remix.

You can say that he participated in shifting the “destiny” of Black music culture as that song was also Beyoncé’s first platinum hit. And it came from the Haitian Fugees’ frontman.

But what has the Earl of Hip-Hop Royalty been up to lately?

His management company has been committed to investing in promising talent, checking for individuals so brilliant that it would be hard for the people to deny.

Such is the case for his new artist, Arsonal da Rebel.

On September 4th, Arsonal dropped his debut album with the Haitian notable, titled Underrated.

An astute fan might wonder, “Wait … but isn’t Arsonal a battle rapper … from New Jersey?”

That is correct. Arsonal made his name in battle rap by competing on Fight Klub, Lionz Den, Grind Time, The Ultimate Rap League, King of The Dot, Rare Breed Entertainment, and his own UDubb Network.

But for years, especially since touring with the likes of Fetty Wap and recording with Chris Brown, The Source’s battler of the decade, has proven that he is radio-ready and stream-steady.


A fact that Clef concurs.

To debut the album, he enlisted help from some of his Jersey brothers, Tsu Surf and Shotgun Suge, on the lead single, “Proceed with Caution.”

Wyclef holds down the production and also appears in the video.

The video is cutting edge — taking obvious cues from the hit show on FX Networks, “Archer.”