Yak Gotti Addresses Snitching Rumors After Being Denied Bond In YSL RICO Case 

Yak Gotti In Court

Yak Gotti responded to accusations raised by prosecutors that he allegedly snitched on YSL Duke in a 2015 fatal shooting.

Yak Gotti has responded to allegations that he will cooperate with prosecutors in the RICO case against his fellow YSL members and affiliates

The accusations came after the rapper was denied bond on Thursday (Jun. 2), as reported by AllHipHop.  

He took to Instagram shortly after the hearing to address the allegations. “2015 my brudda never did a day in jail because I claimed my s###,” wrote Yak Gotti. “I did 4 years fed with no tears! Stop the [cap emoji].” 

During the hearing, his legal team insisted Yak Gotti is a hardworking family man. Additionally, he has the support of his “friends, family,” and “business associates.”  

However, prosecutors argued Gotti poses a threat to any potential witnesses. They also accused him of participating in gang activity since his arrest in May. They also cited his criminal history, including his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas. 

Yak Gotti and YSL Duke were charged in connection with Thomas’s death after they were arrested during a traffic stop. Cops found an AK-47 assault rifle and a .40 caliber handgun in their possession. 

The snitching allegations arose after prosecutors claimed Gotti previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. While they did not elaborate, there was speculation that he cooperated with investigators and snitched on his co-defendant, YSL Duke.  

 Yak Gotti was denied bond after the judge ruled he was a threat to witnesses and had concerns he would attempt to flee. The trial is expected to begin in January 2023.