Yeezy Gap Hoodie Drops; Fans React With Mixed Emotions

Kanye West

Kanye’s new collaboration with The Gap is here. Some of his fans are feeling it, and others of blessed the rapper for dropping overpriced hoodie!

The Yeezy Gap hoodies are here and they are … basically … hoodies.

Well, they are also colorful and expensive.

The long-anticipated drop of Kanye West’s clothing line with Gap, one that has projected him into billionaire conversations, are on sale now.

And the lackluster release has been labeled, “The Perfect Hoodie” can be yours for $90 (and your shorty for $70).

The six different hoodies are distinguished by colors ranging from black, brown, and mustard (they are calling it yellow-beige), a magenta purple, red, and classic blue.

They are unisex in style and are sized for both adults and children. The double-layered 100% cotton garment is marketed as being cozy and having a ‘Ye look and feel.

But what is the hood saying?

“I’m judging u if u buy a yeezy gap hoodie for $90,” says one person definitely not buying the sweatshirt.

Someone else hit Black Twitter with “The yeezy gap hoodie is regular as hell”

Aaron declared that Yeezy is out his Chiraq-ing people. #ShoutOutToChicago #WeSeeYallStillHustling

“$90 for a yeezy/gap hoodie? this is robbery”

Others are just calling it for what it seems to be …

“Dealership asking me if I need Yeezy Gap insurance like I don’t know that’s a scam”

But clearly no one cares as reports claim that the release is almost sold out.

“The Yeezy GAP hoodies sold out”

While these prices might seem a little steep, they are cheaper than the “Donda,” “Jesus is King,” and “Sunday Service” merch he sells on his tours that starts at almost $200 for sweatshirts.

And his Donda-inspired jeans are going for $1800.

Kanye knows how to get to the bag. As reported by, he made almost $7 million for in-person merchandise sales from the Donda listening parties and grossed between $1.5 million to $2.7 million each night.

To purchase the hoodies that look really comfortable (if they are still available upon your reading), you must be local to the continental United States and territories.

Click here to purchase now YEEZY Gap site.