Yelawolf Undergoes A Name Change and Gives The Slumerican Brand To His Mom


(AllHipHop News) It was just last month that Alabama rapper Yelawolf, claimed he was retiring from the rap music industry.Well, it appears Yelawolf has come out of his self-imposed hiatus with a brand new identity.

Yelawolf is now known as MWA, which are the initials for his government Michael Wayne Atha.

The rapper, who is signed to Eminem’s Shady Records, initially said that he was quitting rap during a “Trial by Fire” tour stop on November 21 in Santa Cruz.

Since his announcement, Yelawolf had been taking a break from social media. But earlier this week, a new track titled “Get Away” featuring MWA with DJ Paul of 36 Mafia hit the net earlier this week.

MWA followed up with an explanation for the reasons he retired, citing depression, alcoholism and the pressures of the music industry – including bad management for some of his recent issues – while commenting on old footage he posted from a psyche ward, where he had been committed.

“They couldn’t handle my vision .. I hoaxed the ‘suicide’ of Yelawolf with my ‘blood art’ along side a manic depressive state of mind from years of alcoholism…after loosing [sic] my BiggieSmallz @shawtyfatt I decided to sober up and rebrand my new music as Michael Wayne Atha MWA (my given name from my beautiful mother Sheila Diane the original gangster .. named after Michael Landon and John Wayne) and shook the f##### game ?.”

According to Yelawolf, he has turned over the keys to his Slumerican brand to his mother, as he gets sober.

“I found it time to rejoin myself on the west coast as the SKATEBOARDER of 28 years, the Visionary, CEO, White Trash High Fashion designer and Creative Director of my Mothers new multi conglomerate company SLUMERICAN … that’s right .. I gave her the keys .. congrats mom !! Your the illest !!!! God is good .. I’m pushing 300 days sober…”


Check out the Instagram post and the new song below: