Yella Beezy Addresses Being Arrested On Weapons Charge

A routine traffic stop eventually led to his detention.

According to multiple reports, Markies Conway was arrested in Dallas on Saturday. The rapper, better known as Yella Beezy, was taken into custody for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Local police booked Beezy after allegedly finding multiple firearms during a traffic stop. He was taken to a Dallas County facility without incident. Bail was set at $1,000.

Police made the stop because Beezy apparently ran a stop sign, then the cops insisted they smelled marijuana in his vehicle. However, Beezy says he doesn’t smoke weed. No illegal drugs were discovered.

In a report by TMZ, Beezy’s team believes he was being harassed by the officers that pulled over his bullet-proof truck. Representatives for the 29-year-old Texas native said the weapons were registered.

Yella Beezy addressed his interaction with the cops on his Instagram Story. The “That’s On Me” performer wrote, “It be ya own kind that do you the dirtiest that what be so crazy to me! And I’m speaking on the crooked police!”