YG Cancels Nicki Minaj For Working With 6ix9ine

We may never get another collaboration from YG and Nicki Minaj.

(AllHipHop News) YG is no longer interested in working with Nicki Minaj despite their success together on the hit single “Big Bank.”

Recently, the Compton rapper sat down with Bootleg Kev and DJ He’d on LA’s REAL 92.3 to share his thoughts and feelings on the whole situation between Nicki and controversial rapper, 6IX9INE.

During the interview, YG was asked if he’d work with Nicki again.

He quickly shook his head and answered, “I don’t know, my feelings is hurt. I’m a real street n##ga,” before proclaiming that Nicki was “canceled.”

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Bootleg Kev then followed up asking that meant he was completely done with Nicki Minaj’s features.

“Yeah, I’m cool,” he said with no hesitation.

As you know, YG and 6ix9ine’s have had a longstanding feud, which was reignited a couple of years ago when YG dropped his “Bulletproof” video.

In the video, a character that appears to be portraying a jailed 6IX9INE is seen being taunted by inmates as the word “PEDOPHILE” appears on the screen.

The two have been at it since then.

After 92.3 LA posted the interview clip on their Instagram page, the Barbz went to work.

“Nicki is one of the biggest artists in the world she can do whatever she wants can’t no one cancel her,” one follower wrote.

Another chimed in saying, “Nicki gave him (YG) his two biggest hits and highest-charting single on Billboard. I promise she doesn’t care and this is hurting him more than it is her.”