YG Complains About Hospital Treatment The Night He Was Shot (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Last month, Compton rapper YG was rushed to the hospital after being shot at a studio. The bad turn of events did not end there. The car he was traveling got involved in an accident, and then he feels he was not treated properly once he arrived at the medical facility. The “My N*gga” performer was able to recover from his injuries, and he sat down with The Cruz Show to talk about the ordeal.

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“I can’t die man – my daughter, my daughter. I just had a daughter,” recalls YG on what he was thinking that night. “I’m working on my album. I’m not ready yet. I gotta set my people up to be straight.”

According to YG, once he arrived at the hospital officials told him to fill out paperwork before he could be treated. One worker at the location recognized him, and tried to speed up the process. He was halted again when police investigators attempted to interview him about the shooting.

“I’m telling [the detectives], ‘I ain’t saying nothing. Tell the doctors come take this bullet outta my leg.’ They didn’t even know where I got hit. I’m telling them, ‘This how y’all treat people that got shot?'” YG states. “I went to the Kasier right there on Sunset. So don’t go there if you get shot, because they don’t treat you right. If I would have got hit all the way in my artery, I could have been dead.”

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Watch YG’s interview below.