YGG Tay Accused Of Murder-For-Hire & Racketeering In BGF Gang Indictment


YGG Tay is serving a 15-year prison sentence for gun and drug charges, but he’s now facing life in prison for racketeering conspiracy.

Baltimore rapper YGG Tay was one of six alleged Black Guerilla Family gang members indicted for racketeering conspiracy on December 15.

The indictment was unsealed on Monday (December 19). The Justice Department accused YGG Tay and others of murder, murder-for-hire, drug trafficking, armed robbery and witness tampering.

YGG Tay allegedly paid gang members to kill his enemies. According to the Baltimore Sun, prosecutors said he once rapped about hiring a hitman named David Warren.

“Breaking news, I just signed the top shooter in the city to a deal,” YGG Tay bragged. “All them years he signed to me, a lot of [people] get killed. If he get caught, don’t stress about it, his lawyer going on my bill. If somehow he lose at trial, got one word, appeal.”

Warren was one of the six men indicted alongside YGG Tay, whose real name is Davante Harrison. The 28-year-old rapper allegedly hired Warren to kill several people.

“Between February and August 2018 Warren allegedly attempted to murder three of Harrison’s rivals in exchange for payments from Harrison,” the DOJ said in a press release. “The intended victims included two individuals who publicly accused Harrison of cooperating with law enforcement and a BGF member who burglarized Harrison’s residence in 2013.”

YGG Tay, who’s already serving 15 years in prison for gun and drug charges, was also accused of paying a BGF member to kill someone in 2014. He allegedly provided the weapon and $10,000 to the gunman.

Barak Olds, Wayne Prince, Joshua Duffy and Tyrell Jefferies were the other alleged BGF members named in the indictment. YGG Tay and his co-defendants face up to life in prison for racketeering conspiracy.