YK Osiris Apologizes For Forcibly Kissing Sukihana: “I Am Embarrassed”  

YK Osiris

Sukihana deactivated her Twitter after sharing she was “hurt” and “scared to stand up for myself,” following the incident with YK Osiris.

YK Osiris is apologizing after forcibly kissing Sukihana during a panel event, claiming he “misread” the situation. The “BE MY GIRL” hitmaker’s apology arrived after Sukihana deactivated her Twitter account. Before her departure, she revealed she was “hurt” and “scared” to stand up for herself.

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Once footage of the incident from Diddy’s recent Crew League event surfaced online, many netizens slammed YK Osiris for violating Sukihana. He took to Instagram Wednesday evening (June 14) to explain the incident and say sorry to the “Pretty and Ratchet” rapper. 

“I want to publicly offer my sincerest apology to Sukihana,” YK Osiris wrote. “In an attempt to be playful, I misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries. I understand the importance of consent and I am embarrassed by my behavior. I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her.” 

Instagram/YK Osiris

Before deleting her Twitter, Sukhiana shared, “I am hurt and I am scared to stand up for myself.” In a follow-up tweet she added: “I drink to hide that I’m very sensitive. I feel things more then the average person. I stopped drinking yesterday but today I’ve been crying all day.” She also revealed, “I asked God to strengthen me,” adding, “I just want to go away for awhile.” 

Amber Rose was among those speaking up for Sukhiana, calling the incident “absolutely disgusting.” 

“Are we really going to sit back and let this happen to Sukihana???” Rose said. “She was sexually assaulted and no one did anything!!! This is the entertainment business and she is an entertainer!!! Using her lyrics and her persona as an excuse to physically touch her and force her without consent is absolutely disgusting. What happened to ‘protect black women’???”