EXCLUSIVE: YNW Melly’s Alleged Co-Conspirator In Double Murder Asks To Be Released To A “Fan”

YNW Melly’s alleged co-conspirator YNW Bortlen wants to get out of prison because of the coronavirus too, but a lawyer for the family of the victims isn’t having it.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper YNW Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, is currently behind bars on 2018 murder charges.

Melly and Cortlen Henry aka YNW Bortlen are accused of shooting and killing Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. in Miramar, FL.

YNW Melly, who is serving time at Broward County Jail recently tested positive for COVID-19.


The news was shared on a post on his official Instagram page, which also mentioned that the rapper was filing a request for restricted release.

“…He’ll be filing a motion for restricted release in hopes of better care due to any jails not being prepared to treat this new virus,” the post read.

Last week, YNW Melly’s request was denied, despite having the coronavirus.

YNW Bortlen is also trying to get out of prison due to his fear of catching the coronavirus.

YNW Bortlen wants the court to release him into the custody of one of his “fans,” who also agreed to house YNW Melly, should the rapper ever be released.

YNW Bortlen’s lawyer Fred Haddad said the rapper would be released to an individual, who is first and foremost a fan, but also an “aspiring protection officer.”

Christopher Thomas Jr.’s lawyer snapped on YNW Bortlen’s lawyer Fred Haddad for filing the motion with the “fan’s” name publicly exposed, along with other sensitive information, like his home address.

“It is preposterous they seek to release him to a ‘fan’ and that defense counsel put that fan’s name, address, phone number and information in the public domain,” snapped attorney John M. Phillips, who is representing the family of Christopher Thomas Jr. “We again ask the public to be sensitive of the victims here. They lost children.”

Late last week, Thomas filed documents on behalf of Thomas’ family, asking the judge to keep the rappers locked away no matter what their medical condition may be.

“While the victims sympathize with the alleged medical condition Mr. Demons faces, Mr. Demons presents a threat to the family, to society and cannot sufficiently be restricted if released,” a section of the documents read on behalf of Thomas Jr.’s family.

YNW Melly’s health is reportedly deteriorating fast. The rapper is suffering from multiple symptoms including body aches, headaches, and trouble breathing.

The judge who denied his release stated that the rapper would need to request special medical treatment from the Broward Sheriff’s Office, if necessary.