Young Buck Arrested For Threatening To Burn Down His Ex’s Apartment


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Young Buck cooled his heels behind bars, after he allegedly threatened to set his girlfriend’s apartment on fire.

The rapper allegedly threatened his ex girlfriend on Wednesday (July 20), went to her apartment and kicked down the door during another domestic dispute with the woman.

Young Buck was arrested for the encounter yesterday (July 21), but he was quickly released on $5,000 bond.

The altercation could prove to be problematic for Young Buck, who is on probation after serving 18 months for possessing a handgun and ammunition in 2013.

In March, prosecutors wanted to lock-up the rapper after he threatened a man who was attempting to collect back child support owed to one of his children.

Young Buck allegedly promised he would “slap” his ex’s new boyfriend and beat the man up in a series of angry texts, after the man accused the Nashville rapper of being a deadbeat dad.

Young Buck also narrowly avoided jail time in 2015, after he was caught trying to use someone else’s urine during a drug test.