Young Buck’s Mom Loses Bid For Protection Order For Rapper In Legal War Against Prosecutor


(AllHipHop News) The mother of Young Buck has failed in a legal bid to gain protection from the lawyer who prosecuted the rapper for violating his probation conditions.

Audrey Horn, the former G-Unit star’s mother, appeared in a Nashville, Tennessee court on Wednesday (August 24) and asked Judge Andrea Walker to issue a protective order against Assistant U.S. District Attorney Sunny Koshy.

Earlier this month a judge ruled Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown had violated the conditions of his probation after being arrested last month on domestic assault and vandalism charges.

Brown was also found to have violated the conditions of a three-year supervised release following 2013 jail time for firearms charge, and handed a seven month sentence.

Horn subsequently filed for a protective order against Koshy, who prosecuted the case.

According to The Tennessean newspaper, Horn’s filing included the claim that Koshy had “used his power and influence to stalk and destroy my life and my family.”

Judge Walker refused to issue the protective order, saying that she regarded the filing by the Hip-Hop star’s mother to be “nothing more than an attempt to retaliate against a federal prosecutor who is simply trying to do his job.”

She added that for a protective order to be issued, the person requesting it needs to be in immediate danger – which Horn is not.

The judge also noted that there were discrepancies between Horn’s recollections of having met the prosecutor in Nashville in 1980, and Koshy’s assertion that he had not visited Tennessee until a decade later.

“We have never even spoken in court or elsewhere,” Koshy told the judge.

In July Brown, 35, was arrested for allegedly threatening to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s home after demanding the return of items of property.

He was released from custody under the condition he would not contact his ex, but he reportedly tried to get in touch with her over 100 times.