Young Dolph’s Death Prompts Memphis Mayor To Ask For “Calm” In City

Young Dolph

Mayor Jim Strickland called on Memphis residents to stay calm after Young Dolph was shot and killed on Wednesday afternoon.

The mayor of Memphis addressed his city in the wake of Young Dolph’s death.

Mayor Jim Strickland, who’s been in office since 2016, reacted to the passing of Young Dolph on social media. He conveyed his sympathy for the late artist’s loved ones and urged Memphis residents to stay calm.

“The tragic shooting death of rap artist Young Dolph serves as another reminder of the pain that violent crime brings with it,” he wrote on Twitter. “My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

Strickland didn’t want to see any retaliatory violence. He asked his constituents to let the city’s police handle the murder investigation.

“To honor all victims of violent crime, I ask for calm in our city to allow the Memphis Police Department to do their duty to capture those responsible,” he pleaded. “I’d also like to ask that motorists continue to avoid the area of Airways and I-240.”

Young Dolph was shot and killed at a local bakery called Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on Wednesday afternoon. He frequented the shop when he was in his hometown of Memphis.

According to the bakery’s owner, the Paper Route Empire rapper walked in to purchase some cookies on Wednesday. Someone drove up to the business and shot him around 1 p.m.

Young Dolph was 36 years old. He’s survived by two children.