Young Dro’s Legal Woes Continue As Warrant Issued For His Arrest


(AllHipHop News) The legal issues continue on for Young Dro as a warrant has been issued for Young Dro’s arrest.

The rapper, born D’Juan Montreal Hart, skipped court yesterday (April 28) after alleged theft charges.

The theft charges stem from Dro’s theft of stripper Robyn Fly’s Cadillac CTS.

When Dro was asked about the car theft with the Breakfast Club in September last year, he gave a broken and barely audible response as DJ Envy asked the rapper to speak up.

Ultimately Dro explained that his “brothers from hood in the trap” ended up borrowing the car and they got pulled over.

“She was following the car, she had tracking on the car, she knew it wasn’t me in the car,” Dro told The Breakfast Club.

Earlier this year Dro was also arrested for drug possession as the “Shoulder Lean” rapper spent the evening in a jail cell in his home state of Georgia.

In March of 2015 Dro was reportedly charged with theft by conversion of leased or rented personal property for an incident that occurred in February earlier that year.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the bench warrant is with no bond.