Young Hackers Busted For Using Kanye & Obama’s Twitter In Bitcoin Scam

Three young hackers have been identified and charged in a Bitcoin scheme.

(AllHipHop News) This pandemic hasn’t stopped the scammers.

If anything, it’s only motivated them to go harder. Earlier this month, a bitcoin scam went into full effect as Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden & Elon Musk were hacked.

It didn’t take long for feds and investigators to track down the culprits – Mason Sheppard from the UK, Nina Fazeli from Orlando, and Graham Ivan Clark, a minor from Tampa.

Hard to believe these three are young, 19, 22, and 17-years-old, respectively.

Clark, the youngest of them all, was surprisingly the evil genius behind the entire scheme. He was arrested yesterday morning.

Clark managed to compromise a Twitter employee, who sold him access to the accounts and the internal controls of Twitter. Clark then used the accounts to solicit people for Bitcoin, promising to send back twice as much to the Twitter employee.

Clark made $100,000 in a single day and because Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the scammed money is hard to track and recover.

“There is a false belief within the criminal hacker community that attacks like the Twitter hack can be perpetrated anonymously and without consequence,” US Attorney David Anderson said in a statement. “Today’s charging announcement demonstrates that the elation of nefarious hacking into a secure environment for fun or profit will be short-lived.”

Twitter is cooperating with the FBI. Each individual is expected in court today (August 1st).