Young Moose Wins Lawsuit Against Baltimore Over Real Life Crooked Cops Dramatized On HBO Series

Young Moose

Baltimore rapper Young Moose has emerged victorious in his lawsuit against the city of Baltimore over a corrupt cop.

Baltimore rapper Young Moose will get some justice now that the city of Baltimore is preparing to pay him a $300,000 settlement over the actions of a corrupt cop.

Young Moose filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department over the actions of a crooked detective on the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) named Daniel Hersl.

In 2012, the crooked cop planted evidence on the rising rap star, born Kevron Evans. The rapper and a friend were leaving a bar in the city when Hersl and two other cops detained them without cause.

Young Moose claimed that Hersl planted drugs on him during the illegal arrest, resulting in his arrest. Young Moose was locked up on drug felonies and held on $2 million bail.

The charges against Young Moose were eventually dropped eight years later, but the damage to his pockets fighting the case was already done. The rapper addressed the charges on his song “Tired” where he checked Hersl by name.

During the eight years that passed by, Hersl and eight other members of the GTTF were indicted for racketeering, extortion, robbery, and overtime fraud.

Hersl and his outlaw cop buddies were convicted of stealing thousands of dollars from innocent people.

Hersl is currently serving an 18-year sentence in Springfield, Missouri and the city of Baltimore has had to shell out over $10 million to in damages to victims of the rogue cops.

The drama surrounding GTTF was turned into an HBO miniseries currently airing on HBO titled “We Own This City,” which features Young Moose as himself and stars Jamie Hector, Jon Bernthal, and Josh Charles as the infamous Daniel Hersl.