Young Punks Caught Vandalizing Nipsey Hussle Mural

Two young teens were caught on tape vandalizing a Nipsey Hussle mural.

(AllHipHop News) Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will remain with us until eternity. 

Most recently, however, a bright, vibrant mural of Nipsey at Sneakertopia was vandalized and damaged by a few children. 

The sneaker and street art exhibit is located at 6081 Center Drive in Los Angeles, California. 

Sources at Sneakertopia reveal a group of 6 adults and 9 children came to visit the sneaker museum this week but apparently were not on their best behavior. 

Security footage obtained by TMZ reveals one child jumping onto the ledge located right in front of the Nipsey painting, proceeding to stick a sticker that reads “Frugal” on one of Nipsey’s eyes. 

He even slapped it a few times to make sure it stuck how he wanted it to. 

A few moments later, another child follows suit and sticks another sticker to Nipsey’s other eye before running off. 

The clique even posed for photos with the stickers in plain sight. 

A little while later, another tiny vandal — equipped with his own sticker — does the same thing to Nip’s other eye and then runs off. 

Even more brazen … the crew poses for pics in front of the mural with stickers in plain view. 

After the staff tried to remove the stickers, it seems some of the paint came with it. Now, Nipsey’s face is left with blemishes. 

The mural itself is valued at a number between $10K and $15K. The artist is currently trying to fix the piece, focusing on bringing the eyes back to life.