Young Thug Co-Defendant Allegedly Spits In Deputy’s Face & Gets Assaulted

Young Thug - ysl

Rodalius Ryan’s attorney accused a deputy of punching her client, who is one of Young Thug’s co-defendants in the YSL RICO case.

A lawyer representing one of Young Thug’s co-defendants claimed a deputy assaulted her client on Monday (January 23).

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, attorney Angela D’Williams said a Fulton County deputy punched her client Rodalius Ryan in the head. The incident occurred amid the jury selection process in Young Thug’s RICO trial.

“I will be filing a formal complaint against the [sheriff’s office] because they are agitating my client on purpose and when he gets to court agitated, they act like they don’t know what’s going on,” D’Williams declared.

Sheriff Pat Labat accused Ryan of spitting in a deputy’s face, per WSB-TV. Ryan allegedly started spitting in the back of a patrol car while awaiting transport from jail to the courthouse.

Ryan was missing when Young Thug and their YSL co-defendants appeared in court on Monday morning. Ryan’s lawyer said he needed medical attention after the alleged assault.

“He was punched in the head and he did fall on the sidewalk,” D’Williams explained. “I wanted him to be checked for a concussion.”

An incident report said Deputy Kandakai Morris instructed Ryan to stop spitting or clean up the mess. The YSL member allegedly responded, “I ain’t cleaning up s###.”

Ryan spit in Morris’ face then the deputy attempted to remove Young Thug’s co-defendant from the vehicle. Ryan refused to exit the car and tried to make it difficult to grab him.

The deputy pulled Ryan out of the vehicle and put him on the ground. Ryan’s lawyer called for an investigation, suggesting the deputy became physical before giving her client a chance to get out of the car on his own.

“All deputies are supposed to wear body cameras,” D’Williams said. “When the discovery comes out, we’ll see the body cameras and we’ll see what happened.”

Ryan is already serving a life sentence for murder. He faces one count of violating Georgia’s RICO act in the case against Young Thug and other YSL members.