Young Thug’s Lawyer Irks Judge With “Farce” Comment At Gang Experts Hearing In YSL Case

Young Thug - ysl

Young Thug’s RICO trial is scheduled to begin on November 27. He has remained in jail since his May 2022 arrest.

Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel faced pushback from Judge Ural Glanville while questioning a gang expert in the YSL RICO case on Monday (November 13). The judge took issue with a remark by Steel, who was frustrated with the gang expert’s answers and the prosecution’s repeated objections.

“This is like a farce,” Steel said.

Judge Glanville responded, “Mr. Steel, I’d be careful about the characterization, sir. Farce is not the word I would use.”

The two had another tense exchange when prosecutors complained about the form of one question. Young Thug’s attorney scoffed at the objection, prompting the judge to assert his authority.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the form,” Steel said.

Judge Glanville fired back, “Mr. Steel, I’m the person that decides that not you. And the other thing is you keep asking him things that he may not have any knowledge base to.”

The gang expert called YSL a non-traditional gang at Monday’s hearing. He explained why YSL was considered a hybrid gang when questioned by Steel.

“They’re a gang that blends the elements from both a non-traditional or local style gang with that of a traditional gang,” the gang expert said. “So, YSL is associated with the traditionally styled gang Sex Money Murder, which is based in New York. And therefore they have both their own set of identifiers that they also use along with traditional Blood gang identifiers and those specifically [connected] to Sex Money Murder.”

Young Thug and five others await trial in the YSL RICO case. Opening statements are scheduled to begin on November 27.