Young Thug Talks Fashion Choices, Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting & Feud With Plies (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Young Thug has gained a lot of attention from the media over the last few years, and the Atlanta-based rhymer achieved that presence without doing many interviews. But the Slime Season creator did sit down for a nearly 40 minute conversation with Sway In The Morning. The Q&A included Thugger talking about his fashion, being inspired by Lil Wayne, and his conflict with Plies.

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On wearing female clothes and fashion choices:

There’s a lot of coke bottles [women] around me so it might be rubbing off… I always had a weird dress code since [I was] a kid. So it ain’t nothing that just happened.

On Lil Wayne inspiring him:

I really didn’t pay attention to nobody. I paid attention a lot to Wayne. But we’re still two different people. I don’t think that paid off neither.

On Wayne’s tour bus being shot:

When I first heard about it, I was like, “They’re finna swear it’s me.” That man’s my idol. I really wouldn’t beef with him, no matter what he says. He can say gay. He can do whatever he wants to do. I will not beef with this man…

Me and him never had a problem. Him and Birdman, that’s father and son. They ain’t gonna ever split. I’m “princed up,” but I’m still a street n*gga. I’m still from the street. Why would I jump into what they got going on? They’re gonna always be friends, but me and them ain’t gonna always be friends. So I wouldn’t ever get in their business anyway.

[The shooting] had nothing in the world to do with me. No sir.

On Plies posting a video of Thug’s daughter to Instagram:

I never had a problem with Plies putting it up, because he’s not the one that put it up. He’s not the one that started it, so I can’t have a problem with him putting it up. I only had a problem with him because he said “b*tch.” I understand where he comes from – Florida – that’s like a popular word. They’re used to saying it. But I don’t understand how you can call a little girl the b-word. I might slap the sh*t out the man when I see him. I swear to God.

Young Thug is scheduled to release his Slime Season 3 mixtape on February 5.

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Watch Young Thug’s interview below.