Zion Marley Surprises His Mother, Lauryn Hill Introduces Grandchildren At One Music Festival

Lauryn Hill shares her family with her fans.

Miss Lauryn Hill took to the stage to give one of the best performances of the One Music Fest.

During her set, she performed a beautifully deconstructed version of “To Zion,” with fans singing in a teary-eyed bliss.

One of the most transparent and gorgeously personal songs on her opus, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” “To Zion” is a personal conversation between a young woman and her newborn son.

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At the time, when she first became pregnant, Hill was on the top of the charts and her debut album was the most anticipated in pop music. Questions burned, “How will you be able to thrive with a baby bump or a new baby?”

The song was about her not regretting her decision to have her son with Rohan Marley and is one of the reasons so many children in 2022 are named Zion.

It was not only a personal testimony, “To Zion” became an anthem for young mothers loving their children, even when the world pressed the challenges they may face when bringing new life into the world.

At the end of her One Music Festival performance of the song, her son, Zion came out to surprise her.

After 15 minutes, Zion comes onto the stage and hugs his mother. The two have a deep hug, one that oozed with maternal love, care, and an understanding of years well traveled on a journey together.

Ms. Hill is clearly overwhelmed.

Ms. Hill tells her 25-year-old son to bring out her two grandchildren, Zephaniah and Azaria.

“This is my grandson Zephaniah. This is my granddaughter Azaria. This is my son, Zion,” she said.

She highlighted Zion’s shirt that said, “The Most High over everything” and in approval, she said to her oldest son, “Yes, Zion.”

The moment was topped by her two other children, John Nesta, Micah, and Sarah coming to the stage. Her two children missing from the night were both Selah and Joshua.

Truly, the night invited the guest who attended the festival into the close-knit of her very private family.