Zulu Nation Marches On Behalf Of Child Abuse Victims


(AllHipHop News) Hundreds of people rallied and marched in New York City over the weekend, to protest the state’s sexual abuse laws.

Civil Rights activists that included disgraced child molester Jerry Sandusky’s stepson Matt (a victim of his own stepdad) and Queens Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, marched over the Brooklyn and into Manhattan on Sunday (June 5).

The Civil Rights activists were marching to support the Child Victims Act, which aims to change New York laws that prevent victims of abuse from bringing charges against their abuser, after the age of 23.

Among the marchers in the protest were members of The Zulu Nation.

The members of The Zulu Nation were marching to show solidarity with victims of sexual abuse, after the organization’s founder, Afrika Bambaataa, was accused of molesting multiple boys.

“We don’t tolerate the abuse of women and children in our communities,” said Rekae Medina, a member of the Zulu Nation.

The Zulu Nation came under fire in March, after former Zulu Nation member Ronald Savage did an interview with Shot 97’s Troi “Star” Torain, with claims that Afrika Bambaataa molested him when he was 14-years-old.

A number of other men started to come forward with similar accusations in the following weeks, leading The Zulu Nation to remove Afrika Bambaataa from the organization he founded in 1973.

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The Zulu Nation’s appearance at the event follows fierce criticism of the way the organization’s old top leadership handled the crisis with Ronald Savage and his allegations.

The former leaders, who have also been removed from their positions, released statements dismissing Savage’s claims as a ploy for publicity.

The Zulu Nation also accused Star, the government and the New York Daily News of launching a conspiracy against Hip-Hop after they published Savage’s allegations.

Afrika Bambaataa also released a statement that was criticized, but he categorically denied any and of all of the allegations from his multiple accusers.