BFM Cooley Reflects On His Inspirations And Describes His Sound As “Versatile”

BFM Cooley says he creating a lane that will lead to a new single dropping shortly.

BFM Cooley is taking off in Hip-Hop scene and quick! When he was as young as 11-years-old, he found his inspiration from music artists he looked up to, which are now some of the greats to do it in the game. He now recognizes the comparison in music that might happen along the way. 

The Florida rapper shared that he finds his inspiration from well-known and respected artists in the game, such as Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and Gotti, who showcase hustle. Although he enjoys rockin’ with these artists’ music and the vibes it brings, he would much rather disregard any comparison, remain true to himself and work with what fits best for him.

“I kinda just stay in my own lane,” BFM Cooley expressed. “ My influences come from seeing the hustle that they [his inspirations] may have put in knowing I could keep hustling myself and come up too.”

Although the music industry often compares artists by their sound, BFM Cooley doesn’t like to feel boxed in. Instead, he expresses his music as “versatile,” since he’s not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and just do what he loves with the music. 

Fresh off his latest release mid last year, Bfm Cooley recently took to Instagram to announce that he is releasing his next single “Take Off.” So far the response to the release has gotten a lot of great feedback! Stay tuned for the single dropping 4/11/22! 

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