Is Roe V. Wade Being Overturned Really About White Women Keeping America Mostly White?

Donald Trump

White women are not having enough babies, according to a swath of America, some say. Is overturning Roe. V. Wade really about keeping american from becoming a “Minority Majority”?

In roughly 40 years, the United States Of America will become a “Minority Majority.” What does that mean? That means that everybody that is not white will be more than the population that is white Caucasian. It generally refers to Black and Brown people reproducing faster than Caucasians. This has concerned the wildly racist person. They want to keep ‘Merica the way it was in the 1950’s.

So, when a 50-year law protecting women and also ensuring they are able to get abortions safely is shot down, it seems like one thing on the surface. Beneath the surface is the idea that “we” will outnumber them. Really, there is no real “us” and “them,” because we are all Americans, right? No, time and time again “they” have proven there are several Americas.

Here is what Wiki says:

With alternate immigration scenarios, the whole United States is projected to become majority-minority sometime between 2041 and 2046 (depending on the amount of net immigration into the U.S., birth/death rates, and intermarriage rates over the preceding years).


So, how white people feel is not my expertise, but I have had suspicions. A MAGA rally with former President Donald Trump showed us exactly what we needed to see. U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (@RepMaryMiller) could not have made it more clearer, thanking The Donald for a great victory for “white life” in the Supreme Court. They want to stop the abortions and get to white women reproducing at a faster rate! This is not about religion or being pro-life. This is pro-lies.

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Jane Elliot, the famed anti-racism educator, spoke on this in the past. Rapper Mysonne The General reminded me on social media.

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Meanwhile, this is how we are to you racist f##. I just gotta live until 2041!!

White women, get on your job and have those babies, nevermind r@pe, inc#st, he@lth, de@th and all the other factors that can go into abortion.

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