Is It Over For Drake? What The OVO Leader Needs To Do Following Kendrick Lamar’s Lyrical Lashings

Drake’s next moves could determine the future of the OVO leader.

What is the immediate future of Drake in light of Kendrick Lamar’s new diss song, “6:16 in LA?” While the question looms, it’s now time to discuss the context surrounding these two artists. Drake hails from Canada, where he’s risen to global sensation status, while Kendrick Lamar represents Compton, a city that has deep roots in Hip-Hop culture.

Drake’s decision to engage with K. Dot on this lyrical level deserves acknowledgment. He didn’t have to take it there, and I give him credit for that. With J. Cole apologizing and walking away from the battle, Drake’s willingness to step up demonstrates commitment to the culture—on some level. We all know Drake’s journey into Hip-Hop wasn’t rooted in the essence. He grew into it, learned it and was embraced. Hip-Hop gives most people a shot if they’re genuine.

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In facing Kendrick Lamar, Drake faces a unique challenge. This is a career-defining moment. Kendrick’s style is dense, layered and thought-provoking. In contrast, Drake is more commercial and takes a broader approach to it. Drake’s path forward lies in his ability to create hit songs that resonate with his audience on a visceral level. He has to out-swagger K. Dot (if that’s even possible). If Drake does what he needs to do, which is super serve his audience, he can actually get right back to where he needs to be.

Drake won’t be converting Kendrick Lamar’s devoted fanbase anytime soon, and he doesn’t need to. This is lyrical warfare. Instead, his focus should be on crafting music that speaks to his audience and the general population. Kendrick Lamar’s Al Green sample on “6:16 in LA” reflects a specific aesthetic that may not align with current rap trends, where sampling is damn near illegal. (By the way, Al Green entered the chat.)

As the ball rests firmly in Drake’s court, the question remains: What will he do next? The answer lies in his ability to adapt, innovate and continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Only time will tell if Drake can rise to the challenge and reaffirm his status as a global superstar.

It’s time to wake the demon up.