Tamir Rice’s Murderer Gets A Job & Immediately Loses It

Tamir Rice

Tamir Rice’s Murderer thought he was going to get another job as a police officer. Well, those dreams ended even when he tried to get a gig in a small Pennsylvania town.

You thought we were going to forget? Former police officer Timothy Loehmann got a job recently and lost his job today. He is well known to Black people with a conscious heart and mind as the guy that killed a young 12-year-old within seconds. He is the man that murdered Tamir rice.

The Cleveland Police Department absolved him of all wrongdoing even though he killed him within seconds. We don’t let him off the hook! He has been somebody that we’ve decided to follow to the death and make sure he never does this again.

So, when it was revealed that Loehmann had gotten a new job in Tioga, Pennsylvania, people were all over it! The funny thing is dude got a job in Pennsylvania in a city with a population of 700. And Low-Man is making roughly $18 hours per day as a police officer. He is literally the only police officer in this entire town! He was hired on a 90-day probationary period.

The mayor, one David Wilcox, said that he had no idea that this was the same officer that murdered Tamir Rice. In fact, he said that he was for bidden to see his résumé and his background. “I was not allowed to take his resume or look into his background,” the mayor said.

I wonder what he thought about a police officer that comes so far away to a town so small. He definitely knew that Low-Man was coming from Cleveland. Nevertheless will let the mayor slide. Anyway this is not the first time that Loehmann is tried to get a job. He tried briefly in 2018 and quickly withdrew his application after people realize he was a child murderer.

YEAH BRO, NO GO: Officer who killed Tamir Rice withdraws application to Bellaire Police Department

Anyway, we are going to continue on with this until the death of Loehmann. You should never be a cop again, buddy!

Anyway, as word of his employment spread, he must’ve understood what was about to happen. And Low-Man quit. I am quite sure they asked him to resign, but he did in fact reason quit the job. And, know this: you’re going to continue to quit in perpetuity as long as you apply for jobs that involve a gun.

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeff Follmer issued the following statement regarding Loehmann being brought on as an officer by another department:

“Timothy Loehmann was cleared of all charges with his use of force. The only administrative charges after a civilian review was that he was found to have allegedly lied on his application. Timothy Loehmann was not given a fair chance in this area and deserves a fair chance in another city.”

F##k you, Loehmann! You killed a child! And Jeff Follmer, eat s##t and d!e slow. He can’t get a job for a reason: people have morals.