Hoopz Returns With a Sexy New Country Look


Photos By: Chris Reagan for Trea Day Management

Self-proclaimed country girl and reality TV star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander recently shot a sexy photo shoot in her new home town of Knoxville,

Hoopz ditched the city life for cowboy boots, fishing rods and a slower paced lifestyle.

She showcased her new look in a new photo shoot with area photographer Chris Reagan.

Hoopz led Reagan and his crew into the woods to show them what Knoxville has to offer Int Erne of stunning scenery.

Smokey Mountains In the Field
Smokey Mountains In the Field

“As a kid, for me and 5 younger sisters, summertime meant freedom and fun! School was out and we could just go have adventures and find things to do that didn’t cost a thing,” Hoopz said.

“We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so we went to the woods, swung from ropes, caught turtles, captured frogs, climbed trees and made up our own stories,” she continued. “Even now; all you have to do is put THE PHONES DOWN; just look around, or at each other and you can find something fun to get into.”

“In terms of summer enjoyment, I feel there’s two types of people; those who prefer to go on an extravagant vacation (I love that too) and those who rather do simple things like going in your backyard and turning it into your own personal paradise.

 Smokey Mountains Looking Into the Skies
Smokey Mountains Looking Into the Skies

I love swimming, fishing, hiking in the mountains, building a campfire then grabbing a cold beer and some close friends and putting on some good [Country] music!

I chose the Smokies for my recent photo shoot because they are like a magical maze to me…You could literally go into one entrance and come out a hundred different ways. That means you’re going to cross a thousand different trails, see a million kinds of trees, flowers, all kinds of things and you’ll never run across the same part of a creek twice. It’s a never ending lesson in discovery.

At this point in my life it’s really important that a be true to my real self; NOT a so called “reality” or some “caricature” that the media tries to designate for me, but the REAL NICOLE.

When I’m in nature I’m more myself. I feel serene and protected. I feel more safe with the bears than people! Animals aren’t judgmental and require nothing but respect (and food).

 Smokey Mountains Yellow Dress
Smokey Mountains Yellow Dress

I’m from Michigan where we enjoy four seasons, and I fell in love with the outdoors. I’ve lived in Italy, California and other nice places, but in Tennessee I found a freedom that is so deep that I’m able to be vulnerable and really LIVE!

Astrologically I’m a Cancer so June 20th marked the Summer Solstice and the start of my birthday month; that means the whole Solar Year is over and this is a time of reflection.

It’s OK to think about the past, ponder on things that happened and what we’ve endured, but then we have to let it go and move forward stepping out of that old, come in to the new and show the world the true you.”

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is busy working on variety of projects.

She is producing TV shows like Oxygen’s “It Takes a Sister,” designing a line of custom red wines, launching a puzzle-platform adventure mobile game later this year and endorsing select lifestyle products.

Keep with Hoopz on social media channels @TheRealHoopz.