Aaron Taylor-Johnson Was Hospitalized Over “Bullet Train” Injury

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson reveality suffered a pretty nasty when he is shooting the new movie “Bullet Train.” Read more!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was hospitalized after shooting a fight sequence for “Bullet Train.”

The “Kick-Ass” actor revealed to Variety that he passed out after cutting his hand on a piece of the set while shooting a fight scene, and he had to go to the hospital for stitches.

“I was on some crazy mad Keto diet,” he shared. “Because I got all scrawny and lean for this, so I basically had low blood sugar levels. We were in a fight sequence and I get drop-kicked across the room. And the one sharp bit of the corner where there wasn’t any padding took a chunk out of my hand. And I literally went wham, passed out.”

Aaron recalled coming to and asking, “Should we go again?”

On-set staff told the star, “No, no, no. You gotta go get stitches at the hospital,” where he spent the night.

Summarizing the incident, Aaron quipped, “You know, when you sign up for a David Leitch movie you know you gotta get a couple battle scars – some war wounds.”

Directed by David Leitch, “Bullet Train” stars Brad Pitt as a hitman who has to fight his way through a train filled with assassins portrayed by Aaron, Bad Bunny, Joey King, and Brian Tyree Henry.

When the group discovers all their assignments are related, the train becomes an arena for a deathmatch.

“Bullet Train” opened in U.S. theatres on Friday.