Beastmode Marshawn Lynch Arrested For DUI, Mugshot Released

Beastmode Marshawn Lynch Arrested For DUI

Marshawn Lynch has a legal quandary after being arrested for DUI.

Football royal Marshawn Lynch was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Las Vegas. The alleged situation occurred on Tuesday morning and he looked really, really bad.

The former Seahawks running back presently faces suspicion of DUI, driving an unregistered vehicle, failure to stay in his lane and failure to surrender proof of security charges.

As of Tuesday afternoon, he was still in police custody. He only had a small amount of bill, under $4000.

He was stopped by Las Vegas police after officers pulled him over for driving erratically. Apparently, he was driving onto curbs in the side of the road before they stopped him. He refused a breathalyzer, but they did apparently draw his blood.

This man, commonly known as BeastMode, play 12 seasons in the league and was a five time pro bowler.

Hopefully he is improving since this news broke, but he will have to contend with some legal maneuvering.