Britney Spears “Cries Herself To Sleep” Every Night

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is still in a fragile mine state, after being traumatized by a years-long conservatorship. Read more!

Britney Spears has revealed she “cries herself to sleep” most nights in a candid social media post. The “Toxic” hitmaker took to Instagram on Monday to share a close-up photo of a pink rose.

In the accompanying caption, Britney shared that while her “spirits are better” she will “forever be traumatized” by her past experiences – no doubt referring to the controversial conservatorship she was placed under between February 2008 and November 2021.

“Well the truth is, my spirits are better but I will forever be traumatized by my past experience for life… there is no way to fix me, my emotions and my sensitivity… therapy, all of it !!! I think I will need some sort of miracle for my emotions,” she wrote. “My life is by no means picture perfect… I cry myself to sleep most night… I’m insecure as hell… I don’t know how to have good posture unless I’m on camera… and I need to go to a school just to be taught how to freaking walk… I know you say ‘but you are a performer’… well that’s it !!! It’s an act on stage… in real life I have no clue… and I’m working on that !!!”

Britney went on to note that she still feels uncomfortable about ordering food for herself.

“I’m learning the word ‘MORE’… I’ve never had seconds at the dinner table and I know ESPECIALLY in LA a lot of people starve themselves but it’s weird… I WANT MORE lately… does that make me a bad person ??? the 40-year-old asked. “It’s weird just the other night someone made me the best mac and cheese… I swear I wanted more so bad!!! But I didn’t do it then I thought about it !!! Have I ever had seconds??? It’s called MORE and maybe MORE isn’t so bad… and opening to MORE and the DOOR !!!”

The message comes after Britney became engaged in a public feud with her ex-husband Kevin Federline earlier this month.

In an interview, Kevin claimed that their teenage sons, Sean and Jayden, hadn’t seen their mother for a few months because they are embarrassed about the provocative photos she posts on Instagram.

In response, Britney accused her sons of acting “hateful” during visits to her home.

The popstar and Kevin, 44, were married from 2004 until their divorce was finalized in 2007.