Owen Wilson “Scolded” By Marvel Executives For Leaking “Loki” Details

Owen Wilson

Actor Owen Wilson said he got himself into hot water after he leaked details about the Marvel movie “Loki.” Read more!

Owen Wilson revealed he’s been “scolded” for leaking plot details from the “Loki” TV show.

The actor spoke to ComicBook for an interview about returning as Mobius in the upcoming second season of Disney+ series “Loki.”

When asked for plot hints, Owen responded: “I do think that, you know, we’ll see what happens with this one… I immediately get kind of self-conscious because (Marvel are) so kind of uptight.”

Quizzed on whether he’d ever been “scolded” by the studio for answering those questions, Owen replied: “Yes… Yeah, multiple times.”

Owen, 53, previously admitted that he received a warning for revealing that Mobius has a mustache.

“When I let it slip that I’m wearing a mustache (as) Agent Mobius, I got an ominous text saying ‘Strike One’,” he told Esquire. “I don’t know who that was from.”

“We looked into it and we think it might have been (Marvel Studios boss) Kevin Feige using a burner phone or something. But that was never confirmed.”

Elsewhere in his ComicBook interview, Owen shared that filming is currently underway for “Loki” Season 2 in London with Tom Hiddleston back as the title character.