The Massacre: The IM Review

Artist: 50 CentTitle: The Massacre: The IM ReviewRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Old Head/ Young decided to let an Ol’ Hip-Hop Head and a New Jack Kid go back and forth over the new 50 Cent album, The Massacre. Read their joint analysis of it. Young Cat (10:20:01 PM): You heard the new 50? […]

Artist: 50 CentTitle: The Massacre: The IM ReviewRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Old Head/ Young decided to let an Ol’ Hip-Hop Head and a New Jack Kid go back and forth over the new 50 Cent album, The Massacre. Read their joint analysis of it.

Young Cat (10:20:01 PM): You heard the new 50?

Old Head (10:20:17 PM): DAMN RIGHT

Young Cat (10:20:29 PM): yeah man , I’m lovin’ it

Old Head (10:36:42 PM): what u give this album?

Old Head (10:36:50 PM): 4, 4.5?

Young Cat (10:37:03 PM): 4.5

Young Cat (10:37:11 PM): I would give it a 5

Young Cat (10:37:12 PM): but i dunno

Old Head (10:37:26 PM): i give it a 3

Old Head (10:37:28 PM): HAHAHA

Young Cat (10:37:40 PM): why?

Old Head (10:38:49 PM): just kiddin, but it’s not my cup of tea

Old Head (10:38:59 PM): we should have an IM convo

Young Cat (10:39:41 PM): iiiight! lets go!

Old Head (10:43:19 PM): what song you wanna start on?

Young Cat (10:43:50 PM): “So Amazing” with Olivia

Old Head (10:45:25 PM): I can say that 50’s flow is cool on this. You know, but he has a lil’ old school flow…I can appreciate it.

Old Head (10:45:37 PM): Still sucks though.

Young Cat (10:46:23 PM): The beat is just crazy bananas , 50’s flow is dope and I cant get it out my head Olivia sounds sooo good and I definitely think they can make more hits like it!

Old Head (10:46:51 PM): OK, I take that back. This is average, but better than the majority of the album. Can we agree that Olivia sounds like 50’s archenemy Ashanti?

Young Cat (10:47:13 PM): Yeah , lol

Young Cat (10:47:18 PM): I thought bout that

Old Head (10:47:41 PM): OK, we agree then.

Old Head (10:48:08 PM): Lets go to the next song. "I Don’t Need Em"

Young Cat

(10:48:47 PM): The beat sounds like an old Wu-Tang song

Old Head (10:48:49 PM): I personally think this is the best song on the album.

Young Cat (10:49:08 PM): It’s hot though

Young Cat (10:49:19 PM): I disagree with it being the best

Old Head (10:49:25 PM): LOL! Well, I think they actually used that sample [Ghostface “Metal Lungies”]. Buckwild gets props off this.

Old Head (10:49:51 PM): Well, you know me…I like hard beats and samples. You’re more commercial and R&B oriented.

Young Cat (10:50:14 PM): yeah , lol

Young Cat (10:50:38 PM): Is there a reason there’s only 2 verses on each song?

Old Head (10:51:49 PM): Well, the great Marvin Hagler (boxer) had a saying. "Its hard to be hungry when you wake up on satin sheets" I think 50’s lost his drive.

Old Head (10:51:59 PM): So, lets go to "Piggy Bank"

Old Head (10:53:13 PM): I think this sounds a lot like Ja Rule’s "New York." Hell, he should just let Jada and Joe rip it.

Young Cat (10:53:38 PM): Piggy Bank’s beat is the hottest beat on the album. The hook is ridiculously HOT

Young Cat (10:54:30 PM): He’s singing too, but it’s just freakin HOT

Old Head (10:55:20 PM): Wow. I think it’s an over-blown, over-hyped dis. Personally, I don’t think that Nas will reply now, because there is no need to. It’s weak. Fat Joe is going to have fun with this.

Old Head (10:55:55 PM): I have to admit on paper…it looked good. Now, it smells like manufactured beef.

Young Cat (10:56:06 PM): Jada will eat him alive lyrically

Young Cat (10:56:12 PM): No, I take that back. 50 got too much power

Old Head (10:56:48 PM): Power? How so? Don’t you mean Interscope?

Young Cat (10:57:10 PM): Yeah, Curtis "Interscope" Jackson

Old Head (10:58:34 PM): OK, let’s move on to a song that I sorta like. "Gatman and Robin" f/ Eminem

Young Cat (10:58:52 PM): Eminem rode the beat too perfectly

Old Head (10:58:57 PM): I like how they rode over the track. Em did his thing on the track.

Young Cat (10:59:12 PM): oh wow agreed

Old Head (10:59:36 PM): Yeah, No doubt. They got this one…I’m no hater.

Young Cat (10:59:47 PM): The beats reminds me of “Patiently Waiting”

Old Head (11:01:52 PM): Eh…i dont know about all that, but let’s move on while we are still agreeing.

Young Cat (11:03:04 PM): “Outta Control”

Young Cat

(11:03:39 PM): The beat is mad "I’ma punch u in ya face"

Young Cat (11:03:44 PM): I love It

Old Head (11:04:09 PM): OK, I like this beat… I wonder why Dre is collaborating so much?

Young Cat (11:04:19 PM): Dre is a genius

Young Cat (11:04:30 PM): they got sum type of procedure when putting 2getha albums

Young Cat (11:04:32 PM): no wack songs

Old Head (11:05:03 PM): Can we agree that 50 is singing too much? This singing is outta control. He dis Ja for that.

Old Head (11:05:21 PM): 50 can rap but he sounds forced.

Young Cat (11:05:54 PM): yeah he’s singing 2 much , but while I’m saying that, I’m singing right along wit ‘im.

Old Head (11:06:32 PM): I’m fast forwarding while you and him are singing.

Young Cat (11:06:39 PM): lol

Young Cat (11:07:10 PM): I can remember it, that’s the good thing

Old Head (11:08:02 PM): You can remember it? So you want the most simple stuff in your music?

Old Head (11:08:24 PM): That’s what Sesame Street and the "ABC’s song" is for!

Young Cat (11:08:53 PM): yeah, why it gotta be so complex 4? I got to focus on other things, why sit and wonder when I just get the words right in my face?

Old Head (11:10:35 PM): I like to hear somebody that give me something that I didn’t have before. Something to spark a cell. Let me know you thought a bit.

Young Cat (11:11:03 PM): Umm, them hooks took time to make

Old Head (11:11:18 PM): RIGHT

Young Cat (11:12:13 PM): If it’s simple how come Dipset aint sell 10 mil?

Old Head (11:12:35 PM): Hooks are lazy man. "Make Money," "Set it off"

Old Head (11:12:52 PM): They are like 80’s terms. All good but he ain’t doing the old school right.

Young Cat (11:13:27 PM): U listened to “Toy Soldier”?

Old Head (11:14:27 PM): Yeah. Lemme go to it now. I can’t remember it.

Old Head (11:15:38 PM): This is what I would say is OK.

Young Cat (11:16:49 PM): Are u sure u heard the right song?

Young Cat (11:17:26 PM): FIRE

Young Cat (11:17:30 PM): Ka-BOOm

Young Cat (11:17:32 PM): THat CRaCK

Young Cat (11:17:43 PM): Even Tony Yayo spit sum shizzle

Old Head (11:17:48 PM): I’m not mad at this song.

Old Head (11:18:11 PM): Yayo is good for a hot 16.

Young Cat (11:18:19 PM): yeah, lol

Young Cat (11:18:23 PM): not a hot song

Old Head (11:18:38 PM): I didn’t say that, you did.

Young Cat (11:18:59 PM): yeah he is just a little bit wack

Old Head (11:20:19 PM): Like I said…I didn’t say that. I think Yayo has that hunger, even if he dances like Flavor Flav…

Old Head (11:22:15 PM): What you think of that “A Baltimore Love Thing?”

Young Cat (11:22:50 PM): I don’t really understand the song

Old Head (11:22:57 PM): LOL!!!!!

Young Cat (11:22:57 PM): I see he got a love thing

Young Cat (11:23:02 PM): but why he called her a Dirty b####?

 Old Head (11:23:20 PM): I see why 50 keeps it dumbed down.

Old Head (11:23:32 PM): The kiddies can’t get it!

Old Head (11:24:01 PM): 50 is playing the role of a drug

Old Head (11:24:10 PM): and the girl is the addict.

Young Cat (11:24:55 PM): Ohhh

Young Cat (11:25:07 PM): So the old guys get it

Old Head (11:25:45 PM): The old SMART guys. ‘Fiddy’ is no spring chicken himself.

Old Head (11:26:19 PM): He knows that you guys aren’t quite there yet even though we listened to cats that were saying big words in Hip-Hop. OH WELL.

Young Cat (11:26:41 PM): I’m mad u try’na play my peers and me

Young Cat (11:26:44 PM): We understand

Old Head (11:28:13 PM): I’m just saying…when we were listening to rap – Kool G Rap, Rakim, Kane, KRS-One…they were spitting really deep stuff. They really put their words together. It was less about the party, more about lyrics.

Old Head (11:28:43 PM): You know, this album is slightly better than I originally gave it credit for. SLIGHTLY.

Old Head (11:29:00 PM): But very inferior to get Rich or Die Tryin…

Old Head (11:29:21 PM): now that was genius…a perfect execution. LITERALLY!

Young Cat (11:29:54 PM): 8-).. U think he’s gonna sell more?

Old Head (11:30:32 PM): Nah! top 10 Mill..? Ask Shaggy about doing that! Or the Fugees!

Old Head (11:30:43 PM): He’ll do his numbers though.

 Old Head (11:31:25 PM): Final statements on this?

Young Cat (11:32:51 PM): The album is hot , I really didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad what it turned out to be , I can’t say its better than the 1st album but it’s definitely up there, I can’t still get that feeling

Young Cat (11:33:21 PM): It’s like Game’s album times 2

Old Head (11:33:30 PM): WHAT!? You think it’s better than Game’s album?

Young Cat (11:33:40 PM): 😎

Old Head (11:34:01 PM): Put it on the record: You think its better than Game’s Documentary?

Young Cat (11:34:01 PM): yeah , maybe cuz I always listen to things like 100 times when I 1st get ‘em

Young Cat (11:34:42 PM): Game wants to have sexual relations with Dre, Big and Pac; they are mentioned in every song

Old Head (11:34:46 PM): I think Game’s album is one cohesive piece of music…you can play it front to end.

Old Head (11:35:19 PM): Aw, that’s a small time thing. The name dropping is old.

Old Head (11:35:34 PM): the beats are hot on Game’s album…really HOT!

Young Cat (11:36:05 PM): yeah true

Young Cat (11:36:16 PM): I can listen to it front to end and i can do it to 50

Old Head (11:36:53 PM): I ain’t trying to play you but…you saying some suggestive s### here!

Young Cat (11:37:05 PM): what u mean?

Old Head (11:37:26 PM): you said "I can do it to 50"

Old Head (11:37:39 PM): LOL!! I think you like 50 too much mayne

Young Cat (11:37:49 PM): lol

Young Cat (11:38:04 PM): I like his style and I gotta respect him for doin what he do