2 Chainz: C-Murder’s Diss Was A “Misunderstanding”


Photo Credit: Instagram

2 Chainz continues to flex his confidence and demonstrate his maturity. Today (Jan. 20), the assured entertainer posted an informative screenshot to his personal Instagram account. Within the message, the Hair Weave Killer explained that a misunderstanding is what propelled the “2 Stainz” diss track from, C-Murder.

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Last Tuesday (Jan. 12), the incarcerated Louisiana rapper dropped the seemingly unprovoked attack aimed at Tity Boi. The Georgia native has made a contemplative comment concerning the situation. Since then, someone associated with C-Murder’s camp reached out to explain the situation to 2 Chainz. “He gonna do a press release to say that it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication,” wrote the source.

Personifying progress, 2 Chainz is on a quest to share his music and to use his resources to help reinforce his community. The dates for the Watch Out four were recently released to his supportive public. Besides sharing sixteens in the studio, with the assistance of his T.R.U. Foundation, 2 Chainz helped to bless an Atlanta family of 11 with a brand new home.

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“For y’all in my comments it’s all Good, communication is ?….most ppl don’t listen to understand they listen to reply …let’s Build that’s what it’s all about. Much Luv to C Murder,” was his personal response to the situation. C-Murder’s camp went on to add, “He doing an interview tonight at 7:30 to handle it.”

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