Did 2 Chainz’s New Restaurant Fail It’s Health Inspection?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like Tity Boi needs to hire some people that will keep things clean and in order at his new restaurant, ‘Escobar Restaurant & Tapas’.

The restaurant opened back in December 2016, and has reportedly already failed its first health inspection.

According to Fox News, 2 Chainz’s restaurant received a score of 59 from the Georgia Department of Public Health. As you know, anything below 69 is a failing score.

According to the report, the inspecition officials noted expired milk and raw hamburgers were stored above collard greens.

They also reported that they noticed red and black mold like substances in an ice machine.

Word on the curb is that the individual they spoke with at the restaurant had no knowledge on several foodborne illness risk factors. Fail!

Will you be eating there? I’m sure 2 Chainz will pull it together, prior to this inspection, his restaurant had reportedly scored a 99. Will people give it a chance now though?