2 Chainz Says Outta Towners Are To Blame For ATL Violence!

2 Chainz has something to say about people causing drama in Atlanta!

I know T.I. and some others like to refer to Atlanta as the new Wakanda. But I have to push back on that idea and I will continue to do so until the whole country for Black people changes. Atlanta is a city and Wakanda is a fictitious nation in the Black Panther world. GIVE US ALL FREE!

2 Chainz has stepped up in a way Tip did previously and said that out of town are to blame for some of the issues facing the city. This actually might have some validity to it because people from New York have been migrating to Atlanta since the 1990s. But at this point don’t you become in Atlantean? I don’t know, you tell me. Nevertheless Atlanta has a lot of issues and they have, I admit, been supremely impactful especially around this election season.

When King Von died, it seemed like everything changed and they started pointing fingers at other people. Fair enough, because that was definitely of terrible matter that was created by people outside of Atlanta. But what is so attractive about Atlanta the people go there so much? I think 2 Chainz and others are well within their right to feel bad about the violence that’s going on because Black people all over the world are fighting to keep things peaceful among other Black people. We don’t seem to have a problem with violence on white people, just Black people. So I commend him for stepping up and trying to stem the tide of violence.

Still, we have to understand that no place lives in a vacuum. No city is an island and if we do think that then we are sorely mistaken and missed the bigger picture. So I urge 2 Chainz to consider opening up the conversation to include other cities and other places so that we understand that this violence is a problem we all must face head on. If, for some insane reason, they are able to stop the violence in Atlanta, but the whole rest of the country is messed up, what does that mean?

It means nothing!

It means black people in America are still messed up in Atlanta would be the anomaly!