2 Chainz’s “Thot” Accuser Is Back At It Again!


The woman who sued rapper 2 Chainz for $5 million for calling her a thot in a viral video, has now accused 2 Chainz of having her family’s car shot up in retaliation for her filing the law suit. According to Christine Chisholm, Chainz’s violent harassment has been nonstop since she filed her defamation suit against him. Chisholm says her and her relative’s cars were shot up as they sat parked outside of her mother’s home. Chisholm believes 2 Chainz targeted her mother’s home because that’s the address she used in her lawsuit.

Chisholm also claimed that one of 2 Chainz’s associates approached her telling her that he sent her to attack her. Months later she said someone approached her and pointed a gun at her, and weeks later she said someone hit her with their car while she was out jogging. Dang! Chisholm already lost her $5 million lawsuit against 2 Chainz! Apparently Chisholm wants to file a new suit because she represented herself last time, and as random acts of violence have occurred since. Check out the filed complaints obtained by BOSSIPhere.

Do you think 2 Chainz had anything to do with the attacks, or maybe it could just be his angry fans?