21 Savage Says Nas Is Irrelevant. Is He Right?

Riding high off the success of his Drake-assisted album, 21 Savage is talking crazy about a man who never needed a Drake feature to go #1 – NAS!

21 Savage should wish to be as good as Nas. There is absolutely no musical comparison between the two artists. Yet 21 feels his elder statesman is irrelevant.

Clubhouse has become one of 21’s favorite places to express his thoughts openly. The topic of discussion started with longevity and eventually transitioned to which 90’s rappers could still drop albums.

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Nas’ name came up and 21 generally dismissed any notion that Nas is considered relevant. Despite the recent release of King’s Disease 3 being one of the most anticipated albums of the year, the UK-born rapper attributed Nas’ success to a loyal fan base.


Clearly, 21 Savage is riding off the success of his Drake-assisted Her Loss album. As he should, the project is currently number one on the Billboard charts and moved over 400,000 units in the first week of sales.

However, let’s not act like Nas needs a Drake feature or Drake’s help to go number one. For Nas, it’s a case of been there and done that six times already. Not to mention he’s dropped five albums in the last four years.

One panelist interjected to ask the “Savage Mode” rapper if relevancy was only determined by the youth. To which the rapper replied, “controls popular opinion, is closely connected, or is appropriate to what’s being done in order to be considered.”

By his dictionary definition, Nas is still very much relevant. While 21 did say is that Nas still makes good music. Who is relevant is a matter of perspective.

Keep in mind Nas’ lyrical content still speaks to the mood of the times.