22 Savage Claims He Was Going To “Spray Up” 21 Savage During All-Star Weekend


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ahhhh man! Just when we thought 22 Savage was growing up, moving on and turning over a new leaf, we were completely wrong!

Issa mess!

Well it’s obvious that 21 Savage and Young 22, formerly known as 22 Savage, have not yet buried the hatchet.

Young 22 claims that he caught 21 lacking and he almost was going to shoot him in New Orleans during All-Star weekend, but his boy held him back from doing so. LAWD. 22 claims he got out ready to spray 21 up, but 21 allegedly ran to his sprinter van, and his friend stopped him from doing so.

“I got the 223 in the f-cking car. N-ggas at my window. ‘What up 22?’ Fans or whatever. And out the corner of my f-cking eye, I say that ‘That look like 21. Matter of fact it is 21.’ So, I grab the 223. I’m in the car. I open the door. I swear to God on everything I love. I open the f-cking door. These same n-ggas that was right here hollering ‘What up 22.’ They go over there, they tell you I’m right chea. What you did? You ran to your f-cking Sprinter van, ol’ b-tch a-s n-gga … I was gonna spray that b-tch,” said 22.

21 soon replied saying,

“So instead of killing me, he got on here and made a video about it n-gga sound like big SOULJA. If I ran my kids can die right now. I ain’t even see this ugly a-s fake chain wearing a-s n-gga,”

21 even comments under a video of Young 22’s rant and roasts him for his allegedly fake jewelry in the comments.

22 then attempted to prove that the jewelry he wears it comprised of real gold and real diamonds as he drenches the necklaces in water. 21 saw this as another opportunity to roast the rapper.

“How you big 22 and yo chain lil. what are thoseeee?? Black diamonds ? Lil broke ugly pencil head b-tch,” said 21.

These are two misguided souls. Who gets on social media telling folks that you were going to shoot someone? May they, and others like them, both get help.