#40YearOldBully Trends As Cardi And GloRilla Make Peace & Love

Cardi B GloRilla

Is there some “hidden hand” making women in rap beef with each other? If so, it has not gotten its devilish paws on Cardi and Gorilla! LOL!

Once upon a time, an old sage R. King said, with a quivering lip said, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

This has been brewing for a minute, but damn. I cannot believe that these women of rap are really going at each other. I thought it was all sorts of women empowerment going on. NOT! They need to be more honest about what is going on. Everybody is fighting!!! I am starting to think there’s an Agent Provocateur going on.

Do you think there’s some sort of mystery force? I was on ever social media platform last night talking about the Latto and Nicki Minaj beef. These two could be so much bigger if they joined forces. Instead they are entangled in a war of words. Now, #40YearOldBully trends. I wonder what this means to Nicki. Look at the Twitter feed. It’s pretty crazy seeing the comments.


Come on, Nicki! Let the music speak!

The hidden hand has not worked on Glorilla and Cardi B!

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Is it me or does Cardi B look different? They both may have the same dentist.