50 Cent Calls Diddy A Fruit Pie, Says He Offered To Take Him Shopping


Never get 50 Cent drunk! 50 Cent recently sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for their Drink Champs podcast, and let’s just say 50 still hasn’t found his chill!

50 already attacked Puffy earlier this week when he said Puff has no recent hits while making an appearance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When 50 Cent was a guest on the Drink Champs podcast he says Diddy tried to take him shopping and even offered to pay for it when they both attended Chris Lighty’s wedding. 50 Cent even went as far as calling Puff a fruit pie.

“N-gga asked me could he take me shopping and it f-cked me up. I was like what the f-ck did this n-gga just say.”

50 claims that all that he says is true, but people won’t receive it because the truth hurts. Someone take the Effen vodka away!