Are 50 Cent & The Game Teasing A G-Unit Reunion?


(AllHipHop Rumors) G-Unit fans and individual fans of The Game, and 50 Cent are always hoping for a new G-Unit reunion that includes The Game.

As you know the two had a longstanding rivalry. 50 felt Game was disloyal as he befriended enemies of G-Unit, and the two went at it for a while.

Last year Game and 50 were spotted in the same club, where Game shouted 50 out, and depending on who you asked, the two were said to have been cordial to each other.

Remember, 50 was hosting a party at Ace Of Diamonds L.A., and Game took the mic to say that he and 50 had ended their longtime beef.

“I f-ck with 50. What happened – that sh-t was 12 years ago. N-ggas ain’t on that sh-t. You know what it is. Drink your motherf-cking Effen,” said The Game.

Game had even posted a “Throwback Thursday” picture of him and 50 last year on the gram. With a caption that said,

“When nobody would dare f-ck wit us. #TheUnit #Aftermath.”

A groupie woman also took to social media the day after claiming that 50 Cent wasn’t trying to embrace Game at the club, so we were left trying to figure out if the two were really cool again after all.

Well, I don’t know what’s going on because apparently the two followed each on Instagram only to unfollow each other. The Game is back to only following Nicki Minaj, and 50 is no longer following The Game, so this is interesting. There had even been a few screen grabs floating around that showed Game having #TheUnit in his bio.

Do you think these two have something up their sleeves? Hell everyone is reuniting these days.

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