50 Cent Gets Challenged To A Boxing Match


(AllHipHop Rumors) 50 Cent just got challenged in a fight. YEP! All the furor over Soulja boy and Chris Brown (AKA Bhris Brown) has gotten the “Don King” of it all challenged.

But who?

RIFF RAFF! Yeah Riff Raff! You may or may not know who he is, but I think you do! Riff Raff has been dealing in wrestling and some boxing and I guess he feels froggy.

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He made the jump in 50 Cent’s direction! Now, I don’t think any of us really thing 50 Cent will give this any energy. First of all, he’s the DRAW, not Riff Raff. But, don’t sleep. 50 Cent used to box back in the day and those skills don’t just disappear. Clearly, he’s 40-plus now, but Riff Raff is 30-plus. But, Fif was an amateur boxer and participated in the NY Junior Olympics way back in the day.

Well here is Riff Raff’s pitch.