50 Cent Gets Mural In Houston, Texas

50 Cent

50 Cent has really flipped the script and Houston has too, by showing love to the native New Yorker. Check out how!


Check out this! As you should know by now, 50 Cent now lives in Houston, Texas. Yes Southside Queens’ native son is now an official Southerner. We have not seen him on the East Coast is quite some time.

50 Cent must be helping the local economy or something, because they are doing all sorts of things in his honor. The latest, is a mural of the G-Unit general. That’s right, 50 Cent has a mural of himself in Houston!

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Of all the Houston greats, I have never seen a mural to date. Of course, I am ignorant of the murals that exist, but I would love to see one of Scarface, Willie Dee and Bushwick Bill. But that is another story. 50 Cent is doing incredible things in his new home.

So much so that he has even worn a cowboy hat.

Just check out some of the visuals! I’m done yappin’ my mouth.