50 Cent Goes OFF On Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah Winfrey has been doing a great job for a long time, but now, she’s under fire.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oprah Winfrey is not 50 Cent’s favorite person right now. 

Actually, the reality is…on the low, she is not in the best space with a lot of people. She has this looming documentary on the music game and sexual assault/rape/#metoo. Now, the word is that SHE and the other two creatives (that happen to be white) are looking to ether Russell Simmons. Now, Russell has been accused of some f’d up things, but he has not been convicted of a crime yet. We now know…the court of public opinion can sway people and juries too. Why is Oprah doing this to one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop? And why now?

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Well, this is 50 Cent showing solidarity with his brother from Queens! But it is more than that. He’s asking some legit questions of Oprah and others that are resolute in presenting this narrative. There are a million evil people out there in the world, countless acts of evil to push to the masses and she picks Russell Simmons. There are thousands and thousands of Black girls and women missing, human trafficking and there are monsters like Harvey Weinstein that have been permitted to walk among us despite many, many, many accusers! 

And yet here we are. 

 What are your thoughts?