50 Cent Plans To Get Robbed NBA Player’s Belongings Back


Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

New York Knicks player Cleanthony Early, 24, was robbed and shot leaving a strip club in Queens New York. The NYPD said Early was leaving City Scapes Gentleman’s club when three other vehicles boxed in his Uber and six men with ski masks robbed him, the driver, shooting Early in his knee. According to the New York Daily News, the robbers made off with cash, his iPhone 6, jewelry, and the caps on his teeth. Early was taken to Elmhurst hospital and is in stable condition. While most are appalled, 50 Cent seems to want to take matters into his own hands as he posted on Instagram,

“They hungry out here man, you in the league, you made it, you gotta chill. He only 24 he gonna want to party, I’m a see if I can get his stuff back. TODAY!”

Knowing 50, getting Early’s personal items back can go down in a number of ways.