50 Cent Shuts Down Vlad Interview Regarding His 9-Shot Shooting

50 Cent shuts down an interview that he claims was a real BIG CAP!

50 Cent is a Hip-Hop heavy! Dude’s power is real! From a journalism perspective, it is hard to get somebody to straight get something taken off a sit. But this is Vlad we are talking about. Recently, there has been an amazing wave of passive protest and overt blockery of the site. You all already know, people hate Vlad or love him. But, a lot of the rappers and others that once supported DJ Vlad have now moved to remove their support of the site.

Anyway, the name of Kal Dawson was no familiar to me until today. Apparently, he was there the day 50 Cent got shot nine times and even got shot himself! “Fraudulent” was plastered on 50 Cent’s social media for a few minutes today…and then it was all gone. The interview with Dawson, the social media post and…all the reports were old (including this one).  Dawson said,  “I was in the passenger seat, we pulled up in front of this house and we’re sitting in the car. Some kid had a hoodie on and a ski mask and he started walking towards the vehicle and we paid him no mind but as he got closer he pulled out a gun and started shooting.” And that was that.

50 Cent is doing a lot these days and I respect it. He seems like he’s also going to mature a bit.


Shout out to DJ Thoro in the passenger seat.