50 Cent’s Ex Is Dating Jordin Sparks Ex

50 Cent Avoids Beef

Jason Derulo, the singer, is now dating 50 Cent‘s ex-model girlfriend Daphne Joy, according to reports.

Joy and Jason linked up overseas and got it poppin’, sources are saying. The couple met a few weeks ago in the UK and immediately hit it off. They have not looked back! This is 50’s ex-girlfriend. Joy and 50 Cent have a kid together. I thought they were still a couple, but NOPE. Jason Derulo is best known for dating Jordin Sparks, but I know him better for falling.

As you can see, it wasn’t actually him.

Anyway, 50 Cent shrugged at the notion of his ex dating the singer. In the comments section of an Instagram post, he said, “Somebody’s got do it.”