50 Cent’s New Album Won’t Be As “Smart” As Jay-Z’s!


(AllHipHop Rumors) While 50 Cent seems like he’d be one of the rappers fighting back against what the rap game has become, he actually seems to be one of the rappers who is conforming to it.

50 Cent has recently referred to Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album as “too-smart golf course music”.

The rapper-turned-actor/producer recently stopped by Access Holywood to discuss his hit show ‘Power,’ his forthcoming new album, and more.

50 Cent admitted that he believes that rap artists have to dumb down their material to where the culture is currently. He feels that rap is no longer as sophisticated as it was when he first came in the game.

“I have an album that I’ve been waiting to put out…..I think we do have to kinda dumb down material to fit into where the culture’s producing. Because now it’s a little more melody driven; it’s not as sophisticated as it was when I first came in. I guess it’s a place for it…..[My album] it won’t be as smart as the Jay-Z record. I want to make music that people have fun to, so you don’t have to stop. You can get it immediately without having to uh sit and analyze,” said 50 Cent.

He also says that Jay won’t be upset about his comments because he believes that Jay knows that what he’s saying is true.

50 wants to make music that people can vibe with. Why not just push yourself to make great music 50?!

Fif feels that Jay is writing from a perspective of a billionaire instead of a person writing from the perspective of “someone in the culture”.

What are your thoughts on 50’s statements? Are they disappointing to you? Will you be buying his new album?

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