54-Year-Old Man Wanted By Police For Beating Up Kids?

Beat Down To Jail Time?

This big hulking man has been seen going in on younger kids on the internet, but a newer video may get him a visit from the cops. And now the dude that got the worst of it, wants some JUSTICE…the kind you can’t get with a giant man with construction worker hands beating on you. The problem is bruh bruh may have talked his way into that beating. You can’t just beat people up, but…talking ish will get you dealt with. At the end of the day, he was coming to help those skinny kids and they didn’t even help him. SMH!

Dude wasn’t even a young boy! He’s 46-years-old and he was trying to break up the fight!
They are going to get that big dude! He needs to put that fight into something positive, but he would rather hurt children. The mother of the boys is going to get her justice.

The original vid: