A Fed Talks The Diddy Situation


A well-placed source with knowledge of federal crimes has something to say about Diddy’s explosive legal issues! Read more!

All of this is off the record and for the sake of being wise, a big ol’ rumor. But our collective world has been turned upside down because of what has happened with Diddy. Some people see it one way, and others see it another. One thing is for sure: it’s sad. What is going on?

There was so much confusion that everybody misreported and misstated what was going on. And social media is in shambles.

As you know, we have our sources and they are generally on point. This person, I will say is “fed-adjacent” and knows a lot about this stuff. So, let us clear some of this up.

First of all, the internet said that Diddy left his sons and fled the scene as the feds descended on his mansions in Miami and Los Angeles. That may not be the case. Bro said that Homeland Security was probably watching Diddy’s every move and knew he was leaving the compound.

They did not want him there so “they could control him.” He also said, “They know where he is at all times, at least a day before the raid.”

So the idea that he tried to leave the country is probably not true. If he tried it, he had no chance. Diddy has not been formally charged or arrested YET, but he said there is no way he is not going to be charged in this.

“He’s being interviewed [by Homeland Security],” he said. “There’s no way he’s just walking aimlessly at an airport.” He said there were likely agents nearby or the video was simply old.

Now, as it relates to the alleged crimes, it gets ugly. Diddy has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. But, the legal streets are saying so much. And when I say the streets, I mean the feds. Somebody has been victimized and hurt. Something extremely bad has happened.

“Human trafficking does not have to be sexual; it simply means forcing somebody to be somewhere they do not want to be,” the source said, “It’s no different than slavery.”

Whatever allegedly happened is BAD BAD. He also said that these agencies, judges, law enforcement agencies (both local and federal) don’t work together this much.

“There’s no chance with this coordination – with three different states. They are not looking for what they do not have – they are looking for more,” he told AllHipHop.

“Judges from all these different states had to sign off for this. For them to agree they had to be presented with evidence.”

The source speculated that the feds probably had an informant who was inside and was able to provide them with irrefutable evidence. But that’s not something he could offer proof of.

I immediately thought of the legal filings of Cassie Ventura and Lil Rodney and thought…they were the informants. That was simply their filings, but it was chock-full of allegations. Remember Diddy settled the Cassie case within 24 hours.

Moving right along. He said there’s a very big picture in all this.

“This is more than sex,” he added. “This is more than all that s###. This has to have a nexus to the border. Human trafficking – if Homeland Security is involved – that’s my guess. There were not a lot of other agencies there. It was Homeland Security.”

I just said that Candace Owens was crazy for her theory that the federal agents were going into the homes to seize evidence. My source said something very similar, stating there’s far more to this than meets the eye. This could be bigger than Epstein if the speculation is correct.

“I believe it’s more than Diddy,” he said. He also suggested that there are bigger figures “above” the Bad Boy mogul and that could present an interesting scenario if this goes into indictment.

“When you have a lot of money, you can get away with a lot of things, but they do not turn a blind eye to slavery, human trafficking and prostitution,” he said. “If he’s having a party and he’s providing these people (hookers) to the party, that’s enterprise.” Good lord!

To be honest, this is mind-blowing. I am shocked—but not shocked, if you know what I mean. Lastly, he said he believes what we have mentioned in the rumors for a minute: RICO is on the way. The standard is far different in that case.

What do you think?